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Y’all…it’s still sinking in that I am your new Miss Gay Arkansas America.  It’s something I have been planning toward for the last three years since I first competed at MGAR in 2019, and to see it become a reality is….well it’s surreal. And on top of everything, to be crowned as the 50th in a line of so many Arkansas legends is an honor of a lifetime! So much to do and only a year to do it!

**Fun Fact – Miss Gay Arkansas America and Miss Gay America are the longest, continuously running gay pageants in the world**

I thought I would give you a bit of background on who I am… make you more ‘Savvy’ if you will *wink wink*.  My given name is Chris, I am 37 years old, and I’ve been performing as Savvy going on 4 years now.  It’s been a wild ride to say the least, performing across the state and surrounding states, and serving as a regular show host at many of Arkansas’s most prestigious night clubs and bars.  I am divorced (more on that in a second) and have a gorgeous child: his name is Athos and he has the floppiest ears and softest fur ever!  Though I am from Benton, I currently live in Little Rock.

Drag is part of my coming out story.  I remember the day I saw people living their best life at Central Arkansas Pride while I was still married (we were married for almost 11 years) and wanted to live that freely.  I remember the day I saw my first drag show with my Miss Gay Arkansas sister Dominique Sanchez at Discovery Night Club and remember meeting my first drag queen at Miss Kitty's when the legendary Whitney Paige motor-boated me while my wife was sitting next to me.  I remember the day I walked into the Factory for the first time – a place that, in its second life, gave me the courage to be myself and let Savvy hit the stage for the first time. I remember the day I was asked to be part of Veronica Duvall’s family and the excitement I felt of being WANTED for who I was… as I was! All these places, people, and events inspired something in me. All of them built my confidence.  All of them built my character.  

Today, I have a family of Savants on my own.  I have 6 wonderful drag children and some of them have their own. It’s a family of 9, but I come from a large family growing up, so I feel comfortable in large family get togethers!  I created Haus Savant Designs which makes costumes for other performers across the nation.  And most importantly, I am out to all of my family and friends and living my best life with the love and support of them all!  I wouldn’t change a THING!

I am truly excited for what this year is going to bring for Miss Gay Arkansas America!  There are a lot of things in the works!  While I need to save some material for the other monthly blogs, a few things I can promise you:


ONE – after a couple of years of a scaled back approach, we are looking forward to the return of city preliminaries.  I am stoked for this one!  I am currently working with past promoters and new ones as well, and have tentative Yeses on 7 prelims.  So ladies…start thinking about your packages now!  

My first experience with the America system was at Miss Gay Newcomer Arkansas America and it was SUCH an experience for me!  As a newer queen at the time (only having done drag for 6 months) I learned so much about myself and Savvy preparing and competing in this preliminary pageant.    

TWO – I am here and available!  Reach out to me.  My email is below, you can DM me on Facebook or just catch me at a show.  I am here for y’all and want to serve the community that gave so much to me as much as I can over the next year.  Shows, appearances, help with ideas for pageants, tips and tricks…. whatever you’ve got…bring it on!


THREE – This is Arkansas’s Crown, and I am the one blessed with the honor to wear it this year.  You WILL see it around the state, and often.  I cannot wait to see everyone, get photos with folks and talk to everyone I can in the community.


There is so much more I want to say, but we have just over 11 months together to say it all, so let me end with this for now…. I am so honored to be named your Miss Gay Arkansas America and I want to give it all the honor and respect it deserves.  I cannot wait to see what we can accomplish this year!

Much Love,

Savvy Savant

Miss Gay Arkansas America 2022

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