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Miss Gay Arkansas Newsletter


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Arkansas, how are we doing?! I feel like it has been too long, and I have so much to share with you all. After some time off, preliminaries for Miss Gay Arkansas America are back in full force! Before I go into recent events and updates, I would like to recognize those who have qualified to compete for MGAR in September.


Congratulations to our Miss Gay Sweetheart Arkansas America, Diedra Windsor, our Miss Gay Central Arkansas America, Rosetta Stoned and First Alternate, God, and our Miss Gay Hot Springs America, Aubi Gold and First Alternate, Tessa Martinez. Each of these entertainers has put their heart and soul on stage and beyond, and I could not be more proud to welcome them into the Class of 2024. 


The months of March and April have been a whirlwind of personal experiences, growth, and cultivating friendships and relationships within my community. Once our first three preliminaries concluded my focus shifted towards honoring my home bar as it was time to pass the title of Miss Kinkead’s on to the next deserving individual, as well as I had to turn 30! For years I planned to throw myself a funeral theme for my 30th birthday but instead I spent it surrounded with friends and being excited to begin a new chapter with all that was being behind me. I kicked off 30 with my weekly show, Dragged Out Thursday’s at Club Kinkead’s and our monthly Talent Night where we named KitCait Rayne as the winner of Epsiode 3. After an incredible celebration, it was off to Little Rock to perform with drag family and sisters at Triniti Night Club, followed by brunch at Skinny J’s with Melanie Masters. We know and love Melanie and I have to give her the BIGGEST shout out as she’s been an ongoing support system in and out of the drag world. And if you didn’t know, she took time out of her day to be at MGA to support, help, and assist Ella and myself however we needed that week! She’s a big softie once you peel back those nasty onion layers. So Melanie, thank you for being a friend! (I hope you all started signing the Golden Girls theme song.)


It is now April, I’m recovering from a busy weekend, and I am surprised that my body wasn’t crumbling to dust like I had imagined. April was a special month for me for any reasons. To start it was time for the 2024 Miss Kinkead’s Pageant. It was truly remarkable to see so many local entertainers come out and represent their brand at the FIRST Kinkead’s Pageant on the newly renovated stage. We had six contestants including Lola Lorenz of Ft Smith, Pinky Promise of Conway, Amaiyah Foxx Dupree of Ft Smith, Angel Divinity of Fayetteville, Aria Rye of Ft Smith, and Star Flower of Ft Smith. It was a night filled with tons of fun, amazing talents, and gorgeous gowns. Congratulations to our 2024 Miss Kinkead’s, Angel Divinity and First Alternate, Lola Lorenz. Your successes were well deserved, and I couldn’t be more proud. 


Mid-April and it is time to fundraise! Northwest Arkansas Equality Center hosted a spectacular event for BINGO with a cast of royalty including, Patti Le Plae Safe, Brooklyn Bisette, Taylor Madison Monroe, Ella Rosa, Monica Savant, and myself. Throughout the night we entertained and raised money for NWA Equality Center, all while enjoying the company of friends. Be sure to stay tuned for the fun and exciting things coming to NWA for Pride this year! Just a few names announced at BINGO include Arkansas’s own Maddy Morphosis, as well as Axel Andrews and Plasma! Be sure to join us June 28th-30th for NWA Pride! 


As we approach the end of April, The Brothers Foxx brought “The Wonderland Drag Show” to Club Kinkead’s! Their cast of entertainers is EPIC and have put on productions throughout Arkansas and Missouri such as “The Wonderland Drag Show” and “The Rocky Horror Drag Show”, and coming this June is “Dragtanic.” Be sure to follow The Brothers Foxx on social media to up to date on all events. 


Wrapping up all of April , we celebrated 50 Years of excellence at Miss Gay Little Rock America! This event was packed full of forevers coming back to celebrate and honor our new sister. We were honored to bring back Fonda Lafemme, Mendigan Iman Star, Sasha Harrison, Charnay Cassadine, Veronica Duvall, Gigi Galore, and guest appearances by Kelly Cruise, April Scott, and The Lady Champange. It has been an honor to join the legacy of Miss Gay Little Rock America and I am happy to announce that our newly crowned 50th is Coppa LeMay and 1st Alternate Vienna Sue Sage. Both of these phenomenal entertainers will be joining us September 27th and 28th for Miss Gay Arkansas America 2024!


Stay tuned for more updates as we continue with prelims! Miss Gay Fayetteville AR America on May 5th, Miss Gay Ft Smith AR America on May 19th, and Miss Gay Capital City AR America on May 24th.

Vanessa Rayne
Miss Gay Arkansas America 2023

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