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Welcome Promoters
and Contestants!

The preliminary pageants to Miss Gay Arkansas have a long history of local promotion of entertainers and LGBTQIA+ owned establishments! We are proud of our promoters and look forward to welcoming you to the Miss Gay Arkansas Family! 

About City Prelims...

Please contact us if you would be interested in promoting a city preliminary! 

In order for a contestant to compete at Miss Gay Arkansas America, they must first qualify (winner or 1st Alternate) at a City Preliminary Pageant. These preliminary pageants operate with the same rules and categories as the state pageant. Our list of preliminaries are available below as well as a list of prelims that are available to purchase!

If you're interested in promoting a preliminary please don't hesitate to contact the reigning Miss Gay Arkansas America or you can contact the State Office by Clicking Here



Miss Gay Sweetheart- February 16th

Promoter: Janice Marie/Abs Hart

Winner: Diedra Windsor

1st Alt Representative: Alura O'Shaunacy

Miss Gay Central Arkansas - March 3rd
Promoter: Savvy Savant

Winner: Rosetta Stoned

1st Alt: God

Miss Gay Hot Springs - March 11th
Promoter: Terri Lambert

Winner: Audi Gold

1st Alt: Karma Kotour

Miss Gay Little Rock - April 26th

Promoter: Ken Brown

Winner: Coppa LeMay

1st Alt: Vienna Sue Sage

Miss Gay Fayetteville - May 5th
Promoter: C4/Jamie Wilson

Winner: Monica Savant
1st Alt: Shego Wylde

Miss Gay Ft. Smith - May 19th

Promoter: Kinkeads
Winner: Anita Mann

1st Alt: Aria Rye

Miss Gay Capital City -  May 24th

Promoter: Joseph Clark

Winner: Lola Lorenz

1st Alt: Claire Annette

Available Prelims
Miss Gay Newcomer
Miss Gay Northwest Arkansas
Miss Gay Southern Arkansas
Miss Gay Northeast
Want to name your own? Contact Us

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