Rules & Regulations


Eligibility (Contestants) Requirements: 

     1. Photo ID should be verified at all pageant levels.
           a. State and Regional residency requirements should be met and verified.
               i. Closed states require 90 day residency. Drivers license, lease agreement, or billing statements, or utility bills.)
           b. Contestants must be 21 years of age to compete at any pageant level.  
           c. Contestant must be a United States citizen.
           d. Promoters have the right to investigate the age or residency requirement as needed.
     2. Contestants must be male.
           a. No surgical enhancements should be made below the neck. (Feminizing surgeries, breast, hips, butt, legs, etc…)
           b. This does not include weight loss surgery (skin reduction)
           c. The use of any type of hormones or hormonal therapy is not allowed.
           d. A contestant may live their life as a female as long as they have not undergone any medical (hormone or surgical) procedure.                Proof may be required from a doctor if questioned.
           e. If a potential had alterations but had them removed or reversed, the national office will review the request and documentation                to decide if they are able to compete for Miss Gay America.
      3. Mad Angle Entertainment reserves the right to require a medical examination or physical examination in the event that a                       contestant is suspected in violation.
      4. Any Contestant found to be willfully untruthful about their criminal status will be permanently removed from eligibility within             the system.
      5. A contestant who successfully completed felony probation, or whose criminal case is dismissed, will be eligible to enter.                       Verification of criminal status may be checked.
      6. A contestant who is currently in open criminal proceedings for a felony, currently on felony probation, or is in current                           retribution for a crime, will be denied entry as a contestant into any preliminary of the Official Miss Gay America Pageant.
      7. Once a contestant has qualified for Miss Gay America, including first alternate they may not compete in another preliminary                 that year for a state or regional title to Miss Gay America.
      8. Any contestant who has qualified or has intention to qualify, during the current pageant season, to any city, state, or regional                 preliminary may not judge any preliminary that season.

                      a. The exception is a former state titleholder may judge a city preliminary for the state pageant in which she is a former                             titleholder.


For complete list of Rules and Regulations please visit: 

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Those interested in competing are responsible for reviewing ALL of the Rules, Regulations, and Category Descriptions on the Miss Gay America website and the in the contestant application packet.